Why is it Important to Launch an Online Insurance Agency?

Why is it Important to Launch an Online Insurance Agency?

Remember the days when you used to call a travel agent to book those annual family vacations, your business trips, or just a quick getaway? His favorite travel agent knew him, his preferences, and even called him with that occasional “big deal”.

Where is that travel agent today? Well the traditional travel agent is an almost extinct species. Between 1996 and 2006, travel agencies saw air travel commissions, their historic “cash cow,” almost disappear; going from 61% of your income to 7% of your income. Why? Internet and DIY websites like Travelocity.com and many other similar sites. Travel agents who didn’t adapt closed. By the way, that agent who called you with the special offer or got you the seat in the exit row is still in business.

Today, with the growing number of insurance information and quote sites online, insurance agents are about to fight the same battle for survival that travel agents faced, and lost, 10 years ago. Fortunately, insurance agents still have time to communicate with their clients and buyers to avoid the same situation that awaited them. However, between regulatory changes, government mandates, and, most importantly, shoppers who want to handle more of their interactions online, insurance agents have a relatively small window to proactively establish their online presence.

We know that customers of all ages are online: shopping, research, banking, and networking. We also know that the ‘silver tsunami’, the massive wave of boomers retreating in the next ten years, is becoming more comfortable with more online activities. If insurance agents don’t adapt quickly, they will miss out on a great opportunity – communicating with clients and prospects online. Why is this so important? Because trend research shows that buyers are online to validate who they are doing business with. As a result, if an insurance agent does not have a high-quality website, there is a good chance that they will also lose the customer.

One of the best solutions for independent insurance agents, small agencies and insurance brokers is a website creation platform that allows you to create, launch and customize a professional website in minutes. The advantage of this platform is that the agent does not have to have any technical expertise and can start directing clients and prospects to your website immediately.

Agents who currently do not have a solid Internet strategy are at risk of losing their clients in the near future. Simply putting your logo on a listing engine is not enough. Having a high-quality website is a critical piece of the toolkit that agents need to succeed.

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