What Causes Cancer And the Science That Shows the Cure of Stage 4 Cancer

What Causes Cancer And the Science That Shows the Cure of Stage 4 Cancer

First, let’s start by setting some standards. The first standard, if one really knew how cancer is caused. So it would make sense for that same person to know what really cures cancer, and would be helping people cure their cancer at a 100% success rate. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what is currently known about cancer and learn about a technology that was recently discovered and that cures cancer, specifically stage 4 cancers, if it is detected two weeks before the person is programmed to transmit.

Today, most scientists think that cancers are caused by one’s genetics (their genes that are passed down from generation to generation). This is true. In light of this truth, most, if not all, scientists know that our bodies (our genes) make some cancer cells every day. At the same time, our bodies rapidly eliminate them through our immune system. However, some of our immune systems allow these cancers to grow through genes, allowing these unwanted cancer cells to multiply and become the cancers that people suffer from today. So the question is why do our immune systems allow some of our genes to continue causing cancer cells to become a life-threatening stage 4 (terminal) disease? Is it the cancer lottery? Of course not. Is that your bad luck? Is it because they are a bad person? No. Then what is it? We will answer this important question later. I will say this now, our genes are responsible for making everything inside the body and everything that is the body, every cell, every hormone, every chemical, everything that your body is made of. It is important to know this and remember this fact.

Now let’s look at other “causes” that others “know” are causing cancer.

There are some people who think that a bad diet, a diet of eating foods processed by genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that acidify toxin-laden foods like pesticides, herbicides, hormones, etc., cause cancer. If this were true, the vast majority of people in the United States would currently suffer from cancer. Are not. At the same time, people who follow a healthy and complete diet, full of naturally grown organic, alkaline and whole alkaline foods, will be cured of their cancers every time. This is not true. Changing the diet is not curing all of these well-intentioned people. Help, that’s for sure. A good diet of clean organic whole foods does not guarantee the deactivation of your genes that make cancer cells in the first place. Incidentally, some people have been cured with a good clean organic diet; However, at the same time, more than half of these have contracted their cancers again. There is something else that is part of your genes to cause cancer again.

And then there are people who think that stress causes cancer. This is a hot topic. This is what they know that stress is different for everyone. They also know that stress causes people to eat sugary foods and other not-so-healthy foods that create a more acidic environment for cancer to live and prosper. We also know that stress (lack of love, the negative feelings that stress causes) causes our bodies to become more acidic even when people eat really well, which means they eat very healthy whole organic foods. This is also the reason why people who really eat well can still have and develop cancer. Therefore, stress alone cannot cause cancer. At the same time, however, it plays a role in the cure. I will bring more to light on this important topic later.

Few people think that it is a microbial infection in cells that is causing a person’s genes to make cancer cells continuously. The reality is that everyone has microbes in almost every cell in their bodies. The truth is, healthy people and sick people have these microbes (bugs) in them. I’ll say this, healthy (less stressed) people have fewer of them, but still have them.

So what causes cancer?

In one or two words, your brain. Of course, you don’t consciously use your brain to give yourself cancer or any other disease. However, what if there was a more powerful part of your brain (a deep brain) that ran everything inside your body, including your genes? After all, you can’t consciously make your heart beat while you watch TV or your stomach digests your food or makes your genes make happy, healthy cells, can you? Of course not; However, there is something else that does exactly that. And that something is part of your deep brain complex.

One part of this deep brain that does some of this is your Autonomous Nervous System. It has two equally important and powerful parts that play an important role, but not the only role in cancer making and cancer cure. The well-known part is called the sympathetic autonomic nervous system, also known as the fighting flight part (stressed, not happy). Everyone is familiar with this part. The reason for this is simple. Most people live with this powerful part running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is the lesser known, but equally important part, called the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, also known to my clients and patients as rest, digestion, healing, regeneration, love and learning, and in the area part of the autonomic nervous system. system that is completely directed and controlled by your deep brain.

Let’s look at these two systems side by side for a moment. Incidentally, only one of these systems is running at a time. The other party is running a bit waiting for his turn. Your deep brain automatically controls this based on what’s programmed into it. Remember this fact, you will need it later. In any case, you are not consciously running this deep brain program; if it did, it would immediately turn off the part of the fighting flight system that is currently running and turn on the rest, digestion and healing system, etc. you need to completely cure your cancer. Also, the system that is not running is behind the scenes keeping a low operating mode on standby and ready to go back to work.

Now let’s first look at the best-known part of the deep brain, the sympathetic autonomic nervous system. Its main function is to divert blood from its outer part of your brain called the cerebral cortex and away from your digestive and reproductive organs in the main part of your body. It supplies this vitally important blood and oxygen to the brain stem (the reptilian brain) and to the muscles of the legs and arms to fight or escape their learned (taught) danger. When you were very little you were afraid of almost nothing, you were this little love ball. Ask your parents. However, these well-meaning parents began to teach you (programming your deep brain) from the beginning about fear and concern for the things in life. In other words, they taught you something less than love and well-being on a daily basis. Without knowing it, they taught you stress. For example, to fear strangers and one day you will need to marry one of these strangers to have children and transmit this wisdom. How does stress make you feel inside? Do you think that this programming automatically gives you a little advantage? Of course it does, it creates an ideal environment so that only the system stays on continuously.

The second part is called the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. Its main function is to divert blood from the brain stem (reptilian brain) and legs and arms and back to the cerebral cortex, the largest and outermost part of a part of your brain and your digestive and reproductive organs. Which part of your deep brain is responsible for telling your genes to make happy, healthy cells? Is your brain stem part of your sympathetic autonomic nervous system, the part of fear of fighting? Incidentally, the brain stem actually becomes thicker when the fight flight system is continuously activated. You can see this on MRIs. The same is true for its part of the cerebral cortex of its brain, it actually becomes thinner when this sympathetic (fighting flight) part of the autonomic system is on all the time. This partly explains the high rates of dementia in our elderly. The part that is partially responsible for activating your good genes in the production of healthy cells is your parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, rest and digestion, healing and regeneration, and love and learning in the area.

Now what is the last part, the most important part of the deep brain that runs and coordinates these two vital systems? Any idea which part of your brain runs these two? Actually, the fight flight part should only be in a few seconds once in a while and at the same time rest and digestion and healing (your good genes turned on) and regeneration and lovemaking and learning and in the Part of the area should be in the rest of the time, almost 24/7/365.

The last and most important part of your deep brain that manages these two deep brain systems is your frontal cortex. You actually have two cortices, a left side and a right side. That is all I will say for now. If you want to delve into the rabbit hole, you can buy my book. However, you don’t need my book or any other book to change your destiny. What you do need is to change the programming of the deep brain on both sides of your frontal cortex which has its fight flight system continuously on. And turn on and maintain your vital parasympathetic part (rest, digestion and healing, etc.) of the autonomic nervous system. And when we do, your body begins to heal and regenerate new, healthy cells as your cancer goes away. And as this happens, you begin to feel a deep sense of peace and well-being, something that has eluded you for many years.

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