Web Hosting – The Basic Things You Need To Know

Web Hosting – The Basic Things You Need To Know

What is simple language web hosting?

It is a way to rent space on another computer. This other computer is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is called a server. It is simply a fast computer with a lot of storage space, or Gigabyte (or Terabyte nowadays). After renting your own space on the service, you can use your home computer to log in and create a website. Then, everyone can visit your space on that server and over the Internet simply by typing the name of your website in your browser. So you see, it’s like real estate. You rent a piece of land (computer space) and build a house (website) with an address (domain name).

The amount of storage space you rent is measured in gigabytes, and the amount of people who can view your website (and other files like videos, photos, and music) is a measure of the bandwidth allocated to your site. The more bandwidth you have, the more visitors you can entertain at any time. Bandwidth is like a highway to your site. The bigger the road, the more cars can come. If you get such a large number of visitors that it exceeds your allocated bandwidth (like creating a traffic jam), your site could be temporarily closed. Today, with such cheap storage media, the top 10 web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth even on their basic personal hosting plans. So always look for a company that offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

Another good thing to keep in mind when looking for a good hosting company is uptime. This is the amount of time the server will be running, measured as a percentage. For example, many hosts will generally offer 99.9% uptime. That means the server could be down for maintenance, maybe 8 hours each year. The top 10 companies typically offer 99.99% uptime (less than 1 hour of downtime each year).

Another thing you can do is keep track of your site’s statistics. You will find that all hosts (at least the main ones) offer some kind of statistics tracking tool for free. You can use it to control the number of visitors daily, weekly, monthly or annually, even every hour if you wish. You can also find out how many of them are unique visitors, how many only come once, and how many are repeat visitors, etc., as well as all sorts of cool things like what browser they use and what website they came from before they got to yours. . You can view charts to see trends too.

Do you want to add blogs to your site? Most hosts offer free blogging software like WordPress and Joomla.

And last but not least (perhaps most importantly) is to take a close look at customer service reviews. Go only with companies that offer 24/7 phone support and some form of email support, as well as live chat. So hopefully you will have a happy web hosting experience.

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