The World Is a Stage and Everyone Performs As Directed

The World Is a Stage and Everyone Performs As Directed

The idea that someone is out of place for whatever they do in life is a great misunderstanding of God’s will. There is only one teacher and that is the Spirit of the Universe that is present everywhere and in control of all things. While religions established their own gods and made laws that contravene reality, even they have served the Almighty in their retrograde ways. This concept is above the minds of many indoctrinated and they act as puppets to act in the way of their direction.

Religions are disciplines that target individuals and produce a conformity of ideas and ideals. They were deliberately allowed to capture their victims and keep them in dreams of something that is as impossible as it is imaginative. That is the notion of a reward for eternal life in the clouds.

The tabernacle of thieves prospers“declares the prophecy in Job 12: 6”and those who provoke God are safe: in whose hand God brings abundantly“With this established and predicted, there seems to be a reason why people are trapped in the dreams of men who seek power above all else.

Money is that power, and by leading people to their temples and churches, men have risen above animals and become more important in their own eyes than the real God. They have created answers for life and reason why things are downright ridiculous. That is why there is currently a withdrawal from the false gods and a search for reality that is taking place elsewhere.

Science has shattered myths, while evolution and evidence buried in the earth have nullified the claims of creation in seven days and the stories of the ark and the great flood. There is no evidence for any of the claims and we are told that thousands of years ago.

In Job 12: 7 and following we are told: “But ask the beasts now and they will teach you“and its remains are millions of years old and evolution is evident in them.”Or speak to the earth and it will teach you“and archaeologists and paleontologists increasingly discover evidence to convince the most hardened religious follower that they are wrong.

Only now at this time do we have the available evidence and the means to put aside the false things of religious teaching and look God in the face. “With the old is wisdom and strength“and it is we at this moment who have returned from death.

My memory of reincarnation is evidence that everyone has returned (Job 5: 19-22) and now we have an opportunity to learn the truth and regain our spirituality when the end of the day is upon us. The world has been a stage in which we have acted as puppets to achieve the will of the Spirit and we have acted as expected of us.

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