Sarcoidosis Holistic Treatment – Breakthrough in Research

Sarcoidosis Holistic Treatment – Breakthrough in Research

The holistic approach to treating sarcoidosis is based on rebalancing your body’s energy and chemical disturbances on several different levels.

All approaches are based on natural substances and look at your body as a whole rather than parts of diseased or healthy organs.

Use of melatonin in the holistic treatment of sarcoidosis

Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in our bodies and is primarily aimed at regulating sleep. A study of its use in Italy reported significant improvement in almost all patients after 2 years of the study.

What is the role of melatonin in the comprehensive treatment of sarcoidosis?

As far as research shows, melatonin helps a sarcoid patient’s body on several levels:

  • Eliminate free radicals
  • It inhibits the production of cytokines and therefore reduces inflammation.
  • Regulates the production of hormones through the regulation of the sleep mechanism.

Controversy over the safety of melatonin in autoimmune diseases

This controversy stems from the fact that melatonin actually, in its nature, stimulates the immune system. Much research is underway to determine if it is completely safe to use melatonin in autoimmune diseases.

Nutritional guidelines in the holistic treatment of sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis and vitamin D

The most important nutritional guide that finds its way to all holistic sarcoidosis treatment protocols is to avoid vitamin D, as it is common for patients with sarcoidosis to develop hypersensitivity to this vitamin. When designing a holistic approach to treating sarcoidosis, it is important to know if you are hypersensitive to vitamin D.

What are the symptoms of hypersensitivity to vitamin D?

If you are hypersensitive to vitamin D, you may experience some or all of these symptoms: nausea, thirst, deterioration in general health, kidney failure, and kidney stones.

Special cleaning diets in the comprehensive treatment of sarcoidosis

Cleansing diets are designed as part of the holistic approach to sarcoidosis treatment. These include various forms of detoxification and purification of the body. In addition, herbal remedies are included. The most common herbs to be used in the holistic treatment of sarcoidosis are:

  1. Echinacea
  2. aloe vera
  3. Ginseng

Possible side effects are being discussed as these herbs also have an immune boosting effect.

Progress in sarcoidosis research

The problem with sarcoidosis is the lack of knowledge in modern medicine about the causes of the disease. But lately, some interesting news has been reported about the discoveries of the underlying chemical imbalance and its causes. Based on this, a new new treatment protocol is designed with a surprising reported success rate.

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