Privacy Policy

We want you to have the best shopping experience and hence would love it if you can take out 2 minutes to understand our privacy policies for a smooth awesome experience, hassle free!


The aim of this privacy policy is to elaborate our company policies in terms of pre, during and post purchase process.


  1. Acceptance and ownership of using BuyitatSale to create an account and make purchases.
    It is your responsibility to view our website, like a product, share your information and create purchases. 
  2. You may not use our services if you are not ready to comply with our terms of using your data for rightful and company purposes.
  3. Our language availability of English is provided for your ease of communicating and enjoying your experience with us.
  4. You are required to understand not to disclose any information which belong to both parties (buyer and seller) to a third party.
  5. In order to enjoy your experience of shopping with us to the fullest you are required to create an account with genuine details for a swift and seamless experience.
  6. As a user you are naturally expected to abide to laws, regulations and rules implemented and followed by the website and country of origin.
  7. You abide to use our website for internal and private purposes.
  8. Republishing, duplicating, copying, or sharing any information of our products/services/website is not allowed and if found out will be heavily punished through legal support.
  9. In order to successfully deliver your product, online payment proceeds via secure servers. We are not able to get any of your Debit/Credit Card information. So we are not responsible for any issue occurred through them.
  10. If you have placed your order but it has not been dispatched, we will refund/exchange you the amount if you do not wish to receive your order.
  11. If your product is faulty/damaged you can request for a refund which will be received in 20 days approximately.
  12.  For a swift shopping experience BuyitatSale will require personal information such as your name, shipping address and other vital information.