Numerology and Jobs – Finding the Career That Matches Your Life Path

Numerology and Jobs – Finding the Career That Matches Your Life Path

Do you like your job? Are you doing something you love and get paid for it, or are you just struggling to make it to the weekend? Most Americans change jobs more than five times during their lives. If you’re not feeling good about what you’re doing, you might want to know what kinds of jobs Numerology says are right for you. Most spiritual paths and religions suggest that to be truly happy in your work, you must do what you love. Keep reading and learn how your Way of Life influences what type of work best suits your personality.

Life Path – Your main number in Numerology

Your Life Path is his main number in Numerology. Like your sun sign in Astrology, it predicts your basic personality type, along with the career type that will attract you. The basic calculation is to add the eight digits of your Gregorian date of birth, and then reduce the sum to a single digit using the fadic sum. To see how this works, let’s take an example. Actress Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975, so her Life Path number is one (5).

Angelina Jolie’s life path = (06-04-1975) = (6 + 4 + 1975) = (1985) = (1 + 9 + 8 + 5) = (23) = (2 + 3) = ( 5).

The table below shows the top nine Life Paths along with their recommended talents and jobs.

Life Path (1) – The leader

If this is your way of life, you are a born leader. You are independent, enterprising and creative. You are not a good follower either. Suggested careers include: journalism, film and stage industry, fashion, all kinds of design work, and technology research.

Way of life (2) – The Diplomat

If this is your way of life, you live to get along and serve others. You are the negotiator, the comforter. Suggested careers include: work in the social sector, government jobs at all levels, and things in the medical field, excluding being a surgeon.

Life Path (3) – The artist

If this is your way of life, you live to experience the worship of other people. You love the spotlight because it makes you feel alive. Suggested careers include: entertainment industry, athletics, acting, modeling, tourism, and any job that promotes public speaking. Careers to Avoid: Anything you have to work on alone part of the time. You hate being alone at work.

Way of life (4) – The Creator

If this is your way of life, you were born to create things. He has good practical knowledge in many areas and an enthusiastic mind for details. Suggested careers include: construction, banking and insurance, accounting, computer programming, driving, and crafts. Careers to Avoid: The stock market, sales, and any job where there are many unpredictable risks as part of the job.

Life Path (5) – The Seller

If this is your way of life, you are the born seller. You are exceptional at conveying your ideas in a way that people like and understand. The suggested careers are: Internet, radio and television, sales (all kinds), marketing and public relations.

Way of life (6) – The teacher

If this is your way of life, you are a team player who loves helping others achieve their goals. Suggested careers include: police work, firefighters, law, medicine, and, of course, teaching.

Path of Life (7) – The Lone Wolf

If this is your Way of Life, you have an intuitive understanding of the needs of others. Suggested careers include: councilors, personal trainers, medical professionals, secretaries, research assistants, therapists, and cosmetic surgeons. Careers to Avoid: Positions in which you must work as part of a close team.

Life Path (8) – The fighter

If this is your way of life, you were born to fight and compete. Suggested careers include: the corporate world, stock trading, financial insights, and corporate law. These people are likely to form their own companies and be the boss. Careers to Avoid: Anything Where Initiative and Competition in the Workplace Calm Down Team victories are now what these people are after.

Way of life (9) – The humanitarian

If this is your way of life, live to benefit both local and global society. Suggested careers include: teaching, counseling, child protection, journalism, broadcasting, language interpreter, and research scientist. Careers to Avoid: Anything where there is no benefit to the community as a whole. There must be a social benefit for a job to be acceptable.

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