Is Your Free WordPress Template Enough To Help You Really Succeed?

Is Your Free WordPress Template Enough To Help You Really Succeed?

If you are using a WordPress blog on your website, you can definitely benefit. WordPress can help you create an attractive site and has great qualities for integrating search engine optimization, social media, and other interactive elements that can benefit your business. But, if you are using a free WordPress site or a free WordPress template, you could be selling your online business short.

Is it worth using the free WordPress sites for business?

Some sites entice you by offering to host a free WordPress blog. is an example. Instead of having a website URL like:, your site would read Not only would you lose 100% editorial control of your website, but your search engine marketing efforts would not be as profitable as if you had your own domain. It is not a good idea for professional representation of a business.

Many business owners quickly recognize the benefits of the small cost of investing in their own domain and hosting account. But some still need to be convincing in the area of ​​website templates. If you are simply using a free template for your business site, it could be selling short.


A unique identity is vital online. You want to stay apart, right? In addition to looking generic, many free WordPress templates have limited functionality. And beyond that, the template creator generally places their link on the site. In some cases, website owners don’t pay much attention to that referral link in the footer of their site and the result is that they could be sending customers to their competitors or they could be linking their website to a site that could damaging your google page rank. And when you use free templates, not only can you not always manipulate them the way you need, but the template creator has no reason to answer your questions. When buying a WordPress template from someone, there is a responsibility for you that makes dealing with problems or queries a completely different ball game. You control the design of the site and choose who to link to!

Control your brand and search engine marketing

When you invest in a custom WordPress template that is hosted on your account, you are investing in a site that you can fully control. You will always have 100% of what happens on the site and you can control the sites your blog links to. Search engines see more value in sites that carefully configure navigation and carefully link to other relevant websites.

Sure, when you’re just getting started it can be tempting to use free resources to get your site up and running. But starting things off right is a wise decision. Fully custom or premium WordPress templates are probably much less than you might expect. Investing in your own hosting and own template helps you invest in your online identity. The identity you present to your clients and potential clients will have a great impact on how they react to your website.

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