How to Install WordPress With ByteAct – Free Web Hosting

How to Install WordPress With ByteAct – Free Web Hosting

I wanted to make my own WordPress site! It was my plan and it has finally come true. So what did I do?

First, I bought a domain. There are many sites where you can buy a domain, but I bought mine at HostingDude. Since my friend bought there too. So I just wanted to be sure there is no problem.

Second, I signed up for Byteact to get a free hosting account. You will see that this is how it works in order to make a website need a domain and a hosting account so that you can upload all the files you need. I will explain later later.

So once you have the free hosting account and your domain you can go to Byteact. Click on additional domains. There would be a text box where you can type your domain. So go ahead and type in your registered domain. On this page you will see that the nameservers take them into account. You go and log into your hosting account or your domain account.

I will simply review the hosting account I use, as it was my experience. Go to Domain Administrator and you will see your site. Put a check mark and click on the name server. Then you can enter the nameservers that I told you to take note of in the two text boxes.

Now you have successfully connected to your hosting account and your website. It’s time to download WordPress. Go to and download the WordPress installer. Once you have downloaded it, you should upload it to your hosting account. So go to Byteact Online FTP, then click on the folder with your domain name and then click on the htdocs folder, inside the htdocs folder you can load and unzip the WordPress installer file.

We are almost done. The next thing to do is search for wp-config-sample.php and rename it to wp-config.php. Open the file and click edit, you will need the database name, the database username, the database password and the database host.

Create a database in Database Management and then My SQL Databases. You can create a name for your database and that is what you will put in the name of the database. The database username is called My SQL username, which you will find in the lower left corner of your screen. The database password is the same as your FTP password. Lastly, the database host is the My SQL hostname in the lower left corner of your CPanel. Now that you have successfully edited them, you can now save it. Then in your browser type “” or “ After that you can successfully login to your WordPress site . Congratulations!

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