How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to design and implement a new content marketing strategy? Don’t know where to start or need assistance for your project? If so then this item may just be the ticket.

When it comes to a core content marketing strategy, it can be broken down into the four key components of substance, structure, workflow, and governance. Now don’t turn it off entirely, as we’ll explain what each of these terms means and how to combine them to create a successful content marketing strategy.


The first part of the central terms is substance, which is fairly self explanatory. Content refers to the type of content you need, such as the topics you will address and the style of the content.

One of the areas to investigate in substance is what messages you are trying to communicate to your audience. Is this information intended to attract your business, or simply to advise and help? Determining this will help you shape your content, making it an effective marketing or communication tool.


The next step is structure, which refers to how content is organized, formatted, and ultimately displayed. This is another term that can have a very different meaning, depending on the type of content you are creating.

If you are creating internal communication between a team of employees, for example, you may want to ensure that metadata and communication planning are included, allowing all users to access, edit and view content as needed.

Making sure the essential infrastructure is in place will not only safeguard your content, but will also make it much easier to access, collaborate, and use.

Work flow

Third, in our content marketing strategy, the core principles are workflow, which includes the tools used and the process in which content is successfully produced. Designating the human resources needed for each type of content helps ensure that each user knows their task.

A good example of efficient workflow is dividing your content into different areas and assigning a certain area to a particular user or group, allowing them to have access and responsibility especially in this sector. This allows for a greater degree of accountability and helps ensure that quality is maintained and content is managed effectively.


Last but not least in our content marketing strategy, the Quartet is the towering area of ​​government. With a brief overview, governance refers to how the top-level decisions of the content marketing strategy are carried out, along with how the various disruptions are transmitted across the lines of communication.

Without an efficient governance system, the entire content marketing strategy is in jeopardy as it becomes a liability vacuum. Key decisions must be made and communicated effectively, quickly and efficiently.

By mastering the four principles outlined above, your content marketing strategy should put you in good shape to create and maintain high-quality content.

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