Has Social Bookmarking Fallen by the Wayside?

Has Social Bookmarking Fallen by the Wayside?

You may remember when social bookmarking websites first appeared. These sites were all the rage and everyone shared sites with their friends for hours on end. Have things changed? In this article, we are going to talk more about where things are going with social bookmarking websites.

General use

When it comes to the general use of social bookmarking sites, people still use these sites, but they don’t get as much pressure as when they first came out. This is not because people no longer use them, but because talking about people using them is old news.

Social bookmarking for SEO

Some SEOs are forgetting social bookmarking in their promotional efforts, but this is wrong. People still use these bookmarking sites en masse and it is also a good source of social signals. When people bookmark your site, it shows that it’s worth saving your site to read later.

How to move forward

If you are wondering where these sites fit in with your marketing efforts then you should consider it as one of the many ways you promote your website. This is not something you primarily want to rely on, but it is one of the spokes on the SEO and promotion wheel.

If you have multiple accounts where you want to bookmark your new blog posts, this is perfectly fine, but if you want to generate traffic with bookmarks, you will need to network. Networking and contact with people will help you get noticed and gain traffic to your website.

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