Create Free Websites Instantly

Create Free Websites Instantly

When I learned how to build my own website in 1999, I used a completely free service. At that time I didn’t even have a business.

Yes, that is correct. My idea of ​​a fun moment was to create websites, with CODE, from SCRATCH! How do you like me now? 😉

When people ask me how they can start and create their own website, totally free, I understand where they come from.

However, I must warn you that if you are in business, it is almost always better to use professional resources to build your website. In the case of website hosting, domain names and email address, you will certainly get what you pay for.

When you decide to go the ‘free’ route, you will often receive unwanted ads, less control, and lower quality results than you would have paid for.

With that said, everyone must start somewhere!

Completely free website builders for instant setup

Here are my suggestions for starting your website for free. Please note that I have not used ANY free website service for years, so you will want to check it yourself and find the best option for you:

Google Sites: I tried Google Sites a long time ago. The question of building your website directly on Google is, well, it’s Google!

Weebly: Weebly was voted one of the Top 50 Time Websites of the Year. I am pretty sure that this site was created by a well known internet marketer. The templates look great and the designs look clean. It is worth investigating.

Bravenet: I’ve used Bravenet in the past, and while I don’t recommend using it for a business site, it’s a great place to get some experience starting a website and many of the clever tools available on the internet. If you insist on using it for free, Bravenet may be an option for you.

Consider blog platforms

If you are looking for a free website to get started, but want to move towards a professional platform, I recommend that you start blogging. There are two blogging software programs that I can recommend:

Blogger: This is a Google program that hosts your blog, so it is completely free.

WordPress: I use WordPress for all my websites and it is really very reasonable in terms of price. You can start with a completely free blog on the free WordPress site, and then when you’re ready you can move that blog to a host where it’s 100% owned.

The problem with using any FREE service to host your website or blog is that you will not be the owner of your website. You will have no control or say whether the place where you have set up your site decides that they want to drop it without notice or notice.

Yes, you can have your website created very quickly for free. What you need to do is decide whether the disadvantages of the free and fast app outweigh the advantages.

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