Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review – Pros and Cons

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review – Pros and Cons

This Blue Buffalo dog food review is inspired by the fact that said product has now managed to become one of the best-selling pet supplies in the industry. It features a recipe that is completely free of artificial preservatives and additives. Use rosemary to preserve the product. Another quality of the product is how it has evolved into a totally organic food.

Review on evolution

The Blue Buffalo Company has first formulated its brand of dog food based on American nutrition standards. He used various artificial chemicals to preserve his product. But soon after, he was placed in a serious situation when one of his products tested positive for melamine contamination. Studies showed that chemical preservatives were the main contributors to contamination. The event prompted the company to issue a national recall of its contaminated product. The company then turned its attention to research and development of ways to produce a supply of pets without the use of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. They came to the discovery of rosemary as an organic preservative. That discovery marked the birth of the first 100% organic canine food.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review at Pros

The main advantage of feeding your dog Blue Buffalo Dog Food is its ingredients. It is made entirely of organic ingredients intended to help your dog live a long, healthy and active life. Contains dry and drained meals of fish, chicken and turkey. Other ingredients are whole barley, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. The product also comes in different variations with each variety tailored for a specific type of dog. It has, for example, a formula specially made for dogs that have allergic reactions to regular types of dog supplies.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review in Cons

The main disadvantage of Blue Buffalo Dog Food is its high price. It is significantly more expensive than your average pet supply brand. Many consumers are still reluctant to switch to the all-natural product due to the additional costs they will have to bear.

Review of controversies

Protein and vitamin D are the primary essential elements contained in the product. But recently, several consumers have claimed that the product has too much vitamin D that it becomes dangerous for pets. However, the FDA has rejected all of the allegations. The FDA says that canines only need a few days to adjust to the increased dose of vitamin D, after which symptoms will subside.

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