Asia’s Largest Cattle Fair – The Sonepur Fair

Asia’s Largest Cattle Fair – The Sonepur Fair

The Sonepur fair (mela in Hindi) in Bihar, India, has its origins in ancient times. This is when Chandragupta Maurya used to buy elephants and horses across the Ganges River. It now takes place annually, 35 kilometers from Patna, the capital of Bihar. It is celebrated for 21 days in the month of November at the junction of the Ganga and Gandak rivers. It even has a legendary tale attached. Many believe that there was a fight in this place between the ruler of Gandharva, Huhu and Indraya muni; ultimately Lord Vishnu helping the weakest. That is why there is a large gathering of devotees gathered at the confluence of the two holy rivers for the blessed immersion in the adjacent “Harihar Nath Temple” on the full moon day.

Sonepur mela is the Asian livestock fair and probably one of the largest in the world. Almost all animals can be purchased at Sonepur mela, from all breeds of dogs to camels, buffaloes, donkeys, ponies, monkeys, chimpanzees, Persian horses, sheep, rabbits, bears, cats and guinea pigs. All varieties of birds, birds and fish are also available. This is the only place in the world that sells elephants in large quantities. Here you can see crafts, paintings and ceramics not only from the famous Madhubani but from all over India. All varieties of horticulture can be admired; This is a particular holiday for the people of Bihar, as it is a great opportunity to improve their gardens. Temporary shops selling household goods, local and branded clothing, and commercial products are also for sale. Without forgetting food lovers, it is absolutely divine. In recent years, the government and various companies have begun to install their stores to promote their products and services.

Sonepur mela even runs health camps for the welfare of animals, especially elephants. Ranchers, circus performers, merchants and individuals come to negotiate. Some come for the pure entertainment and family day it offers.

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