Adventures in Motherhood: An Exercise in Funility

Adventures in Motherhood: An Exercise in Funility

“Eeewww, cow poop!” my son screeched, prompting instant giggles from his little sisters at his comment.

At least that was better than the dull moan he had heard for the past twenty-five miles. After about five more miles of talking, things complained again. I really needed to find something fast, aside from the five different versions of road sign bingo that we played the first fifty miles, or was going to drive me crazy.

“Hears!” I exclaimed, interrupting a “Mom, she’s looking at me” and a “Don’t touch me!” volley. More or less to get his attention, I continued. “What would the world be like if turtles could fly?” I commented casually. That caught their attention and threw them into hysteria. Okay, I thought, this could really work. After the laughter died down, I pulled, “And what would the world be like if the birds flew backwards?” Another laugh followed that statement.

So my son got into the rhythm of things and said, “What would the world be like if everyone danced when they walked?” We all have the nonsense and the laughter now.

My oldest daughter said, “What would the world be like if worms floated in midair?” So my three-year birdie, “What would the world be like if maggots floated in the air?” Well she is Only three, imitating is what you do best. We all keep laughing and there is magic in the air.

Although this “fun exercise” only lasted about thirty-four and a half minutes, his state of mind led us to our destination.

So if you have no ideas and are almost crazy, give it a try for size. It is possible that it not only eliminates part of that “time of complaint”, but invites happiness and foolishness to drop and fasten the seatbelt in the car, plane, train, bus, bicycle, shoes …

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