21 Years of the UK Fair Trade Movement

21 Years of the UK Fair Trade Movement

The UK Fair Trade Foundation has been in operation since 1992, originally established by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Traidcraft, the World Development Movement and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes. In 1994, the organization’s first three products hit store shelves. The world looks considerably different these days. There are now at least 4,500 products that proudly carry the logo, as diverse as clothing, gifts, household items, food, drinks and cosmetics.

Impressive statistics

Statistics are impressive. From a permanent start fifteen years ago, the organization is now spontaneously recognized by 72% of the British public. On the ground, where the movement has its greatest and most immediate effect on people’s lives, more than seven million people in Africa, Asia and South America already benefit from fair and responsible practices and principles.

Fair trade mosques, towns and schools …

Did you know that cities can achieve fair trade status? The first was Garstang in Lancashire, in 2000. There are now over 450 cities, 100 universities, 3,000 or more schools, a whopping 5041 churches and synagogues, and a fair trade mosque. Which means the message is reaching entire communities, not just individual consumers. And it is obviously inspiring large groups of people from different backgrounds to embrace the future of our environments and the people who live in them, more closely than ever.

Let’s eat fair trade bananas!

Do you like bananas? One in four bananas sold in Britain is fair trade. In fact, we are spending more on responsible sourcing than ever, a 5.5% increase in 2012 with several hundred million pounds spent each year. You will find fair trade products in almost every type of product imaginable, from hats, accessories and jewelry to salad bowls, glassware, shoes, chocolates, ceramics, furniture … the list really is endless.

No unfair exploitation

The trend is so strong that numerous dedicated companies have been established to sell products that have been produced without exploiting people, animals, or the environment. Once the territory of eccentrics and hippies, it has become the mainstream. Along with natural products, organic products, recycled products, locally produced items with few miles of transport and sustainably manufactured goods, the movement is fast becoming one of the main drivers for UK consumers. And as demand grows, the choice becomes even broader.

Ethical gifts stand out

It’s only spring, but retailers are already making plans for Christmas 2013. If the trend continues, there’s no doubt that this year’s holiday season will be a great time for the ethical gift industry, whose product portfolio is growing. at a constant rate along with the well. being and happiness of millions and millions of people, in all parts of the planet. To the next 21 years … cheers!

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